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Camanna BA Blue Stetson
--Blue Eyes--
Not appraised
DOB: 03/21/2011
Height:  OH

SIRE: Poppy Patch FC Blue Avatar
DAM: Camanna WR Malaysia
When I saw this guy's baby photo, I just had to have
him. Take a look at his mother's mammary system and
you will feel the same. Then he flashes those beautiful
blue eyes and there is no hope. Anna has been such a
great mentor in helping me with the beginnings of my
herd and this guy was a great choice for us. Thank you
Anna for this great sire!
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TX Twincreeks RM Party Rock
-- *B --
VVV 87
DOB: 03/21/2012
Height: 23"

SIRE: Castle Rock Rainmaker (85)
DAM: GCH Pecan Hollow C Rockin' Robin (87)
Wow! What a blessing to have this little guy. He has so
much body depth and general dairy character that it just
oozes from him. He brings some of the best genetics in
the country to our little farm. Rocky is also one of the
nicest guys in the pen. Thank you so much Kellye!
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Dam: "Blue Raven"
Photo's courtesy of Castle Rock
Castle Rock Pied Raven
--  --
+VV 84
DOB: 03/14/2012
Height:21 3/4"

SIRE: CRF Castle Rock Harvest Moon *S
DAM: CH Cloverdale YJ Blue Raven (90)
Rocky's faithful sidekick should not be ignored and he
never lets you forget it. He has superb breeding and
amazing conformation. Great legs, tight toes and all
around dairy describes our gold and white star. Many
thanks Sarah, for sharing Castle Rock stock!
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Dam: "Cutie"
5 Fold Farm BS Bolt FT Blue
-- SOLD --

DOB: 04/21/2012

SIRE: Camanna BA Blue Stetson
DAM: Poppy Patch Call Me Cutie
Both Bolt and his sister, Double Stuff stood out of my
2012 kids and when mom fully freshened, there was no
doubt that we were retaining both. Bolt has good depth,
good angulation and should provide a great mammary
system to his daughters.
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Dam: "Serenity"
5 Fold Farm PS Swashbuckler
-- Polled --

DOB: 04/30/2012

SIRE: KW Farms SN Perfect Spark
DAM: Camanna WR Serenity Grace
We decided to keep some of Sparky's lines around and
out of all the bucklings, Swash stood out. He's a
gorgeous polled chamois with an outstanding topline,
great shoulders, tight toes and magnificent genetics
complete the package. I can't wait to see what Swash
can do!
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Dam: "Bunny"
5 Fold Farm BS Strike A Pose
-- Blue Eyes --
DOB: 04/23/2012

SIRE: Camanna BA Blue Stetson
DAM: KW Farms PB Blue Bunny
The first time this little guy hit the ground, we knew
there was something special about him. He was the first
kid of the 2012 season that I decided to hang on to. No
matter what was going on in the herd, he stood out.
Strike just demands that you take notice of his poise, his
stance and his pose. He has such a dairy presence and
stature. I'm anxious to see his offspring!
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Camanna TN Popeye the Sailor
--  --
++V 82
DOB: 03/24/2010
Height: 24"  OH

SIRE: Odean ATS Tsunami
DAM: CH Pholia Farm RA Poppet
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KW Farms SN Perfect Spark
-- Reference --

DOB: 06/19/2010

SIRE: TX Twincreeks Spark N The Nite
DAM: Pecan Hollow PS Silk Stockings
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Dam: "Malaysia"
Photo's courtesy of Camanna
Dam: "Rockin' Robin"
Photo's courtesy of Twincreeks