Proverbs 27:23
"Be sure you know the condition of your flocks, give careful attention to your herds. "
We are striving to produce healthy goats by using proper nutrition and as many natural methods as possible.

Our goats have access to loose minerals, baking soda (for bloat) free choice.  Pasture in season.  

They are feed Chaffhaye one to two times a day depending on the season.  Chaffhaye is a premium slightly
fermented alfalfa product the promotes healthy digestion in our herd.  It helps with mineral absorption and
reduces the amount of waste.  It also aids in our milk production.  On average our goats produce 25% more
milk volume when on Chaffhaye and grain ration combined.

We worm 4 times per year and also trim hooves at this time.  We also rotate our wormers to avoid resistance.

Because we are in a copper and selenium defficient area our goats get Copper bolus and BoSe injections two
times per year.

When milking, does are given a grain ration that we mix ourselves, utilizing mostly whole grains and seeds to
give extra nutrition during this time.  One of our goals is to grow as many of these seed additions as we can
here on our farm.  We strive to purchase quality feed without addatives for our animals.  

Keeping healthy goats is key in herd maintenance.  Healthy animals are less likely to develop sours (diarrhea),
and aid in the prevention of disease or parasite infestation.  This also promotes healthy kids and wonderful milk
production for our cheese operation.