(The things people love to hate)
If you see a particular breeding that you are interested in please e-mail us and we will do our best to put you
on our waiting list.  At this time we do not require any deposit to be placed on the list.  We will only take a
maximum of four reservations on any breeding. (2 doelings and 2 bucklings)  Additional names may be taken
for a waiting list, but we will call the reservations closed once we receive four requests on a single breeding.  
This list is on a first refusal basis.  There will not be any bucks available from first freshener's.  We have the
right to change the availability of any kids to be retained within our herd.  If we do so all deposits will be

At the time of kidding we will notify those on the reservation list (in order) and provide pictures for final
decision.  If you choose to purchase a kid a $100 deposit will be required to hold that kid until delivery can
be arranged.  This deposit is non refundable and must be received within 7 days of notification. This time
frame is a courtesy hold and if the deposit is not received the kid will be placed back up for sale.  In the
event that we discover a problem with that kid, you may choose to transfer the deposit or hold for a future
breeding up to one year.  The balance must be paid in full by the time the reserved kid is one month old,
unless extenuating circumstances arise. If buying a non-reserved kid or adult, a non-refundable deposit of
$100 must be made within 7 days and the balance will be due before pick-up or shipping arrangements are
We are going to bottle raise most babies so they may be placed in their new homes early.  This allows a
better bonding experience for the kid and their new family.  We therefore would like to have the bottle babies
to their new homes at 6 weeks of age.  Other arrangements can be made but the maximum time that we will
hold a kid from the initial deposit is 8 (eight) weeks of age.  After that time a $2.50/day boarding fee will
apply but only with prior arrangements.  If arrangements are not made for pick-up or shipping, the kid will be
placed on the for sale page and buyer forfeits all monies paid.  Transportation costs are the responsibility of
the purchaser but, we will help with arrangements.  
Prices quoted are for animals picked up at the farm; any additional charges including kennels, health
certificates, shipping costs, etc., are the responsibility of the buyer.

Non-Refundable Deposits and Payments:
All deposits or payments made are non-refundable unless it is determined that the chosen animal is
unavailable (due to illness, death, etc).  These payments cover day to day expenses for the herd. It is at our
extenuating circumstances. If you want to move your deposit to an animal other than what was agreed upon
and we have sufficient notice to sell the animal to someone else without incurring additional expenses, then
your deposit may be transferred to an alternate available animal.  Otherwise, a $2.50/day boarding fee may
be deducted from your deposit balance to cover daily expenses.  We also reserve the right to change our
mind about selling any particular kid at any time.  In these rare cases, your full deposit will be refunded or
transferred to another available animal.

Please read NC PromisedLand's Caveat Emptor (Let the Buyer Beware) Document.  It is an excellent
reference for all buyers AND sellers.